Fool Enough to not quite see it

There are times when we may meet the right people but in the completely wrong situation. Have you ever wondered if you would meet someone a few months before or a few months after if things would have been different? Maybe some of you know what I'm talking about. Sometime I wonder if my timing is ever going to be set correctly. I've meet some amazing people. Fate, timing, or something mythical seem to make things fall just outside the realm of in place. I wonder sometime. Don't rush; be patient, everything will work out. Is this true? There is a game we play in life. We try to impress, I really just want to be me, I want someone to think I'm the coolest thing, not cause of the house I live in, not cause of the views I have, just cause I'm me. The game of love is a fun one, but can be a very silly game. I just want to tell this girl I like, that I like her, but society has rules. Her eyes, oh her eyes will be in ingrained in my memory forever. I do love her eyes. But I regress. You date, go out; try to learn what you can from a few hours of exploration. Sometime I just wish I could throw caution to the wind, and just do what my heart, soul or whatever it is tells me to do. I crush easy, but that doesn't mean there isn't meaning behind it. Sometimes, yes sometime we meet a person who is just something we can't explain. I meet these people and what happens I get all tongue tied, and start to babble. The game of dating is fun; don't get me wrong it is a lot of fun. Sometime I'm just looking for something more, a connection. I'm fool enough to read deeply into a grand adventure. Something old and historic, something natural and beautiful, something dead and memorable, and something colourful and animated. This is where my life journey took me this week November. Will I say too much, too little or not in the right time, will my distance mock me. Will my ideals of personal self worth be my true undoing? We will have to see. May this book not be finished, may there at least be a few more chapter. I will have to wait and see.