Dreams: Crazy Dreams, Trains Planes and Snipers

I was in the backyard of my grandparents house in Goodyear Heights in Akron. A large plane, kinda likea cargo plane or something was shot at by some older fighter jets. The cargo plane crashed into the last row of houses in Goodyear Heights, I went to the front of the house cause I heard some sirens. Out front I ran into some people I knew from High School ROTC. They told me the plane was just one stage of it. A train blowup in the station, and there was a sniper on campus. He was going to come back to tell me what my defensive move was. I grabbed my cell to call Joanna, who i was pretty sure was on campus in classes but it wasnt letting me dial out. It was terrible, I was scared. Which is something I didnt expect to be. All I keep thinking was I just want to get my friends and get the hell out of Ohio. Flat Top was safer, I just need to know how I was going to get there since my bet was Akron wasnt the only target. I went into the house turned on the TV, the destruction of everything was just to overwelming and I began to cry. This is when I woke up.... End of Dream