Dreams: Strange City

I had a very strange dream last night here is the cliff notes:

Going through a building going outside to smoke. The building had like 10 stories. Some of the floors had little service rooms that had small decks to the outside. The building was in a city. If you ever been to downtown Ashville, NC kind of looked like that downtown area. I was talking with some girl that was working there. She was taking a smoke break and I joined her for her break on one of the porches. We took the service elevator to wherever the deck was.

In a downtown people walking across power wires to get to a building across the street. It was like a secret party or something and these ppl were trying to sneak in. Most of them look pretty drunk. some guy slips off the wires and falls to the street and died. (that what is sounded like) I walked away to a back alley so I didn't have to see it. In the back alley I was thinking about where to go from there…

A group of friends sitting around on a deck. Drinking, talking making fun of the group of yuppie kids next to us. I think someone from our group threw a beer bottle at them.

Sitting on a picnic table next to a cute blonde girl talking about how the airplanes are pterodactyls and getting into her face with "tawwws" making dinosaur sounds hugging her and laughing. We both were very very drunk. We seemed to know each other well. I don't know if we were dating but seem to be a lot of flirty action going on… ???

That's about all I remember! Maybe more will come tonight!