Wrong or Right

Let me begin with, Something just does not feel right! I trust my feeling completely. Ive done this for years, and now with my druid training I understand more about trusting yourself.

Right now is Sunday 6.4.6 around 9:45am EST for the past two days something has been off. Now, my personal life right now is in the best shape its been in, in years so I cant blame it on personal experiences. Ive had a few dreams, typical everyday dream with a twist. An Evil twist. Now, normally this wont bother me. I have a deep respect for evil. It has its place in the world, and is just as important as good. But, this evil in my dreams is overpowering. It makes me wake up shaking. Then, I see it in the faces of everyday people on the streets. I hear it in their voices on the phone. Believe what you may about 6.6.6 even if it is just a number, it is still powerful enough to make people think twice about it. Maybe, as Im doing blame it for things. But, all of us who dont let it go by as just another typical day are giving it power. I respect power. I will give it, it space. I will also not be leaving my house on 6.6.6. I just throw Gloom and Doom Parties. J Which I may now be rethinking. This feeling in me is something stronger then all the other times I get the bad vibe. Its a deeper chill. Image this. Taking that cold gulp of winter air, feeling it freeze your lungs, then while it penetrates your inner chest you have the post fear jitters. Where your hands are shaking just a tad. That is what Im feeling like.

Right or Wrong I just thought it was important to throw it out there.