This is to everyone who doesnt understand me. I'm a doom and gloomer. I love to ponder the depths of nothingness. I love to think about the end of the world and how peaceful it is. Don't take this away from me.... Just think about this. We live everyday dead inside. We dont think about shit, we just go to work, wake up or do our own things, and forget to live. If you had only moments to live you would feel alive, alive like you never felt before. This is the buzz I get with my end of world thoughts. I dont seek out death, and do not wish it on anyone. I just like to live in the fanasty world from time to time. I want to remember that we only get to play in this world for a very short time. I want to play.... I dont want to get catch up in the normal boring shit of day to day. I want to see sunrises, the wind make the grass dance, I want to feel the cold rain on my cheaks as i free my wet ass off. I want to watch the sun dip behind the mountains. If the world as we know it ends in 3 mins, that is fine by me. I tried to enjoy my last moments. I could have done more, I could have done less. I bid you all my friends good morrow, Say we all awake to a grand and gloryous day, or saw the shadow of darkness be upon, either way just remember to live tomorrow, try something new, fuck ur everyday worries. Your time has arrived!!!


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