Lost if only together

There are times in life when I'm lost in this time we call our own. We began to follow paths that we think we should be on. Then the night falls and we began to star graze. The night sky becomes our playground we dance with the stars. Fearful of the morning light not want to return to our aimless journeys toward the asphalt. Here I sit in the first stages of dawn wondering if my adventures are worth the lonely path I must lead. But, then again i'm I alone? Did my wayward journeymen miss a step; all I need to do is give them the time to find me?

It was an evening I shared with the sun. Dancing with the shadows, seeking the knowledge of nothingness. This is when I discovered gin. Juniper berry flavored my salvation. All I had to do was slow down. If speed kills, then speed also blinds us from our own truths. We were fool enough to almost be it, but cool enough to not quite see it. Simple lies tell us truths that we are unwilling to understand. As rain begins to wash the tears from your eyes, you wake up to realize that everything is only real because it is how you choice to see the world.

I'm thinking there are reasons why i crave the safety of the darkness. See most journeymen fear the unknown, so in turn they fear the darkness. I on the other hand love the adventure of twists and turns, never knowing where our path will lead us. I just get lonely like any weathered traveler would get. So tonight I seek the truth. If not the truth, then the protective shadows of a think pine grove. Fading in and out of a strange likeness of you. A you that I dont currently know. I've stated before I seek a muse. Someone to remind me of the beauty of the sunrise. Remind me that the dawn mirrors the dust. I can enjoy both forms of Black and white. I can see the world through a different set of eyes. Someone to caffeinate my slumbering emotions. You can place your hands in mine. You will follow, You will lead, we will walk stride for stride, step-by-step equal together, side-by-side, toward the fading light.