Vermont and the Busy Week

What a fun, crazy week.

Drove to Vermont (690 miles) helped Lisa's mom with some house projects. While up there visited some pretty cool place in Burlington.

 Like the upcycle places, found some awesome Green flooring for our Tiny House Project. Ate some yummy food in Saint Albans.

Show what happens when a small town tell a Walmart what the rules are. (The town made Walmart revamp the downtown before they could move in, set the rules to how the store can look, size, employment)

Left on Saturday to come home, stopped at a few cool spots along the trip.

Got a flat tire in Harrisburg, VA spent the night in a Walmart parking lot, then finished the 2.5 hours to get home just to unload the car and it already for Lisa to live this morning to start her Nanny work in NC.

Sheesh what a busy week. So, that's the update friends.