Myr - Visceral and the Matrix

Dear Friends, those of you that I have, currently, and will offend, I'm truly sorry. I'm not here to alienate, or belittle others out there. I may lack an elegance with words, I hope my message is never lost. -- It's so extremely different to function inside this mental programming. I watch as the TV, the entertainment media, and the current social order eviscerate those around me. Black Friday for example the acrimonious (anger & bitterness) energy flowing in the ether, was so profuse it felt as it was bleeding into my ever pore. Drowning in this vitriol, not being afraid of my personal dark/negative aspect and choosing to use words as my sword. Throw the darkness aside to allow room for sunshine to return. Sadly, some friends always get splattered during these "wet dog" moments. It is time. It's been long past time for all of us to get out that mirror, glaze into society, flip that mirror around and look into ones self. Are you in that Matrix? Do you sit ideal by as the world you live in is being destroyed?! I pray, that each and everyone of you gains the courage to reject the social programing which defeats ones' mind. The magnificent version of yourself is not lost. The YOU, that the programming poisons and society is trying to repress need surface. Ostracize yourself from the institutes that promote society decay. ++ To my friends out there who do listen thank you, with so much noise, it's nice to know some folks still listen. If we all agreed it would be boring. Life would never be challenging. If we always argued nothing would ever get accomplished. Unplug from society find the self you would be proud of. Leave the legacy of rebellion and greatness. An always changing you; will "make the world a better place". - a snowy day memoir — feeling visceral.