Satori - Evil v Good the game of Balance

The world is no more Evil then it ever was.

The good guy doesn't alway finish last, and life is what you make it.

Let me begin. The balance of Good and Evil is lost. People think you can have only one or the other. I say balance. Sex isn't good or evil, but can be used for both.

Sex is needed to make more people, Sex is fun, enjoyable, medically helps you live longer, chemically bonds you to another person. But, sex can also make you make bad choices, lead you into following the wrong person down the wrong path, can make you sick, steal your energy.



Power isn't good or evil. Power just means you have more choices then someone else. Over the years, we lost the education on power, how to make choice that are right for you, and those around you. Choicing Money (which is just a note promising you something in the future) is a silly choice over, clean water for example, which is something you MUST have to survive. We are just uneducated.

Greed is just uneducation. Let our instint to hord kick in. Which can also save your life in certain times. SO it's not in it self good or evil.

Money... I can honestly say I still don't understand money enough to know it's true balance.

If you live someplace where you don't feel you belong, then you need to move, put in the time, the research, and relocated. I love where i live in the mountains of WV, the people around me are awesome, we all help each other, most of us have came from different place, different ages.

Lastly, i see a strange mix of the world being a Inn Keeper, and i see that people want to be good or do the right thing, they just lost their way, or are so afraid of Evil.

I'm not christian, i left the faith years ago, but I know the bible, i know the quran, the tora. I'm a minister, i believe in the power of a great creator. I also believe being human is a gift. I studied Magick, druidry.

I learned to find my personal EVIL side, embrace it, understand where it comes from, and use that power when i need to fight a cause that i feel is wrong. I also searched long and hard for my LOVE side, which is the true opposite side to EVIL. and i do my best to fall in love everyday, maybe with the sky, a cup of coffee, or a smell. Something to spark being alive.

Don't let them get you down. Unplug more. Step away from the flashy light, and find some peace in the green