Myr - Vaccination is your choice!

Speak Out, if you know someone who is having a baby, or have a small child do ur research before you just trust a someone possible Poisoning your child! Research what the vaccination is for, and if your child really needs it before the age of 3! Vaccination can be extremly dangerous!

You do not HAVE to give your child any vaccines. They are supposedly "required" but you can sign a waiver (very easy to do actually!)

 Any minor child, through the child's parent or guardian, may submit to the institution authorities certificate signed by the child's parent or guardian whose religious, philosophical, or moral beliefs are opposed to such immunization. The minor child is then exempt.

Some vaccination are just given to a child way to early, why take the extra risk of Possible Autium, when you can just wait a few years, to the school, a public school CANT make you give your kids the SHOT, but you do have to fill out the proper paperwork. When tax dollar pay for something, like a school, they can't reject you legally, but like I said, you do have to fill out the certifided paper work, PS I know to parents who dont believe in any vaccination, and have filled out the paperwork, and their kids are in a public school, but it did take a lot of extra work from the parents to educate the school on the this legal issue. just an FYI.

Link to information about vaccinations

Sir Justyn