Satori - 30 Random fact that make me Awesomer!

Rules: (Screw the rules) Once you've been tagged, to write a note with 30 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. Just quit the internal whining and do it.

30. I love snow, the smell, the taste, the way the coldness on your feet turn them bright red.

29. What most people call being lost, I just call it part of the adventure, those few minutes when your someplace you’ve never been before not knowing which way to turn confused, and pulling out the map, (not a GPS, having a computer give me direction is sad, you miss the little side roads, that awesome Victorian house that just needs a little bit of work, or that pacific sunset in between to skyscrapers) feel the excitement in every fold, wondering where you really are.

28. I want to live on a island, when I think of my ideal islands living it always goes back to the Chesapeake Bay, maybe it’s the fresh water, maybe it’s the day I spent on Kent Island ( other side of the bridge) maybe it’s going to Smith Island with Hero, I just think Island living sounds sexy.

27. I will always paint my nails; I enjoy the way it feels on my hands, the slick coating. When they are chipping, is one of the biggest turn on for me, seeing a girl with peeling , chipped painted finger nails. J

26. The forest, I could adventure in the woods forever! Any forest, they are just so fun and different.

25. ASL is my favorite language, I love the way you can feel each word on your fingers. I just wish I could use it more,

24. Coffee, yes I’m a coffee snob. But, there is just something exciting about the first cup of coffee a day

23. I’m going to travel to see the world, learning the ins and out of some far away land, and remembering some awesome place to eat, or some little cool park to hike in. yeah, that’s what it’s about.

22. Alaska, I love Alaska, I want to have a cabin there. Lakes are sweet, Rivers are nice, and the ocean, the ocean is amazing, but a Glacier. WOW, all that frozen powerful water just sitting there in a block of ice something just breathe taking.

21. The tough, and feel of old book. I will have a library room one day with just hundreds of old musky books

20. Fish tanks. Maybe it’s because I’m a water sign, but having fish tanks in rooms bring so much live into a house. I can sit for a long time and wonder what the fish are going to do next, watch them explore the nooks, and get excited during feeding time.

19. Driving, I still love to drive. A lot of my friends are don’t like driving anymore, bridges, bad road conditions. But, me, I just love the windows down, and good tunes blasting from the speakers!

18. IMing, I know it sounds silly, but I loved it when you notice your friends online, and all the fun sounds and such through ICQ or AIM. Something so, pre Social Network…

17. Writing letters, ahhh its just so much fun to gather paper, find the right things to say on paper, and know that years from now, someone may find that and read it and make up their own version of your story.

16. I look forward to the day I can be cell phone free. I will still have a land line, but only for people who really need to get a hold of me. Mobile are nice, but the disconnect from the real world is sad.

15. I miss snow days, so sometime I make them up, and pretend it’s a snow day get some coffee, and look outside wondering what fun snow outdoor activity I’m going to do.

14. I’m a sucker for candy.

13. Hat, all type of hats wearing hats is a passion of mine. Very rarely are you going to see me without a hat on. I even pack extra when I go on holidays

12. I miss the circle of friends I had when I was younger. Something I wonder what happened. My late high school or College friends I seemed to have the best connection with.

11. The ocean, I need to see the ocean at least once a year, I went one year without seeing the ocean, and I was just off. When I say the ocean, I also mean the Atlantic, the Pacific is beautiful in its own right, it just feels wrongs, on the wrong side, the waves crash different, and it even sounds different.

10. I love old-tech, the 8-tracks, tube radios, black and white TVs something about them just makes me smile, ands want to fix them.

9. Making out in a random/different place, it brings that spark of being young again back. J

8. I enjoy meeting new people, and it’s what I do for a living, but I still get the butterflies, and feel nervous about talking to them on the phone, and feel strange just before they arrive.

7. I will have a cabin in Costa Rica, I dream of the place to often.

6. I achieved one of my dreams but starting and running a Bed and Breakfast, now it’s exciting to think that other dreams or other peoples’ dreams are achievable.

5. I’m not a Christian. I left the faith years ago when I relieve that Christian were nothing like Jesus. I research tons of other faith, had a conversation with GOD, and found that I can have multi ideas of non human life. My Philosophy is more Taoists, my Spiritual practice is Druidry, and my Faith is my own.

4. Most days I don’t feel older then 20, and something I really have to think how old I’m, I love that. But other day my age seems to sneak up on me, and quickly remind me, I can’t keep with up with little kid energy.

3. I plan to be 122, yes One Hundred and Twenty Two, that will be the year 2100, that means I would have lived in three Centuries, the 20th Century, the 21st Century, and the 22nd Century, and that just seems super awesome to me.

2. I’ve been wired since 1989, when we got our first computer (1988 if you count the computer I used over an entire summer) I still remember some of my favorite BBS (Pre Internet days)

1. I could survive quite happily on nothing but coffee, candy, and blueberries