Crappy Rainbow Carbon Credit

Crappy Rainbows LLC,
Here at Crappy Rainbows we take your freedom seriously: I will plant you a tree so you can stay at home, and watch football, I’ll piss in a bucket turn it into portable water, so you can take a 15 min longer shower, I’ll eat Tofu, you have that 2nd hamburger, I'll turn my heat down to 55, keep yours at 80, wearing shorts in winter is cool.

All of this for a small month payment of $125. now only $99

Why give up the things you love, when I can do it for you. Balance out your carbon credit, and feel better doing it knowing that I’m helping the environment.

Legal note: if you see me in my 2010 Audi R8 know that I’m driving it not because it’s showy, expensive and super cool, but because the engine is a Clean Diesel, I have to do my part too