Dreams - Zombies and Airports

The Dream started off in an Airport, but the airport had rooms like a school. Maybe it was a school with an airport near. Either way, I was hanging out with some friends that had to do some stuff at the school. We were sitting around in one of the room watching TV waiting for one of my buddies to finish what needed to be finish. All of the sudden someone came into the room, and said the Zombie lovers were here. It was a group of totally crazy people with gun, and post apocalypse vehicles. They started driving through the hallways, and ramming their trucks into the doors ways and shoot everything that moved. We all split up and went different directions. They chased me I drove into a room with a large window to the hallway. They tried to drive their truck into the room I was in to run me over; they couldn't so they started shooting at me. I laid there and acted liked I was dead, but just outside of the guns reach. They I heard them yell, "Kids shoot the dead one, and watch how the body jumps around, plus its good practice." So, I crawled behind a large fallen bookshelf before they return. Once we all got outside, the song "What about Now" was playing like a soundtrack? We all decided since the Zombies were coming it was best if we all split up, or maybe there was so reason I needed to go to the old city. The old city that no one lived in for years, and the vines and plants were taking it over. All the old stuff was still in the store. So I was in the old country city. The zombies were here. So, I had to hide from them but it was hard because they cold smell blood. I hid on top of old general store under some old rugs. There was a trick to turn the zombies back into human. If you made the zombie organism they would be human again, and not know they were ever zombies. So I found this zombie girl, and got her off, and we were running from the zombie dogs. Hiding in cars, under rugs behind old refrigerators, but I still have no idea what I was looking for. We saved a few more people and decided to find the rest of my group. So we ran into the woods near the old city. This is where I woke myself up.