Midnight Hikes and Moonlite Snow covered Lands

Midnight Hikes and Moonlite Snow covered Lands

Today, I thought would be the perfect night for a walk. Mid 30s, no breeze and a full moon shinning from above. Plus I just need to escape everything that which is in my mind.

Kyds this event hit me hard… Its up there with 9.11, but see at least during 9.11 I was with my friends, I got to talk to Kristy, Hero and see Joop. This time it was all different. Kristy, send me a message, but I didn't have a human being to just be around. I've felt alone here a lot, but that second, that day I KNEW I was alone. There is a difference between feeling alone, and knowing you are alone… Then to top it all off, my main friend down here Kerry wasn't around. She had just left at 10. I didn't know anything, no name. When the video came on all I did was look for cars I possible could have ided. Then I just thought about her parents, living across the street. I mean If I hear the sound in Flat Top, then DAMN it must have been something…

Its time to change the subject before I start to get misted eyed. It was just a little to close to home for me…

I have these memories burnt into my head, but none of them have happened yet. Like just tonight I was walking in the snow cover road down to the pond. I stopped and just look at the moon, and I was overwhelmed with a feeling of joy, but it was missing something, a someone… I don't want anyone to think that I'm not thankful for this lovely nature I'm blessed with. I do love everything about it, but there are times I just want to share this beauty with someone.

Now, to the beauty of the night. Tonight it was amazing, it was so bright, it reminded me of "almost day". It was just about black and white, which is my favorite time of the day. So, tonight was a perfect night, the first perfect night of the year. White, Gray and Blue everywhere, the moon who is powerful, seductive really… I do so love the moon. If it wasn't for the loneliness I could have spend forever outside staring at this clouds fly past. Even on the ground it was great, I was sitting on the mountain side, and looking down over the field, and the shadows of the clouds dance across the field. Wow… I just love it.

When I do find that girl, she will have to be amazed by the simple beauty of nature. It truly is the simple things in life that keep us happy.