Lent Quest 2007

The 2007 Lent Quest

Friends, you all know that each year I try something strange and corky for Lent. ( a Forty Day sacrificing.) Since, I'm normally not keen on giving something up, I do an almost Anti-Lent. So this Lent I thought I should think outside the box, and find something I haven't tried before.

So for this Lent of '7 I'm going to give up celibacy. Yes, I did say give it up. In my normally everyday life I will turn down sex if I'm not dating the person, if I don't have feeling for them, or if I just don't feel like the mood is right. I also have the morals of having to know someone for 3-6 months before I'd ever sleep with them. But, not this Lent! I will not be turning down any reasonable heterosexually encounter.

I will also KILL any of you that purposely send someone that is NOT my type in my general direction. Don't test me! So, then why I'm I writing any of this down. Research! I will keep anyone updated that is keen on knowing how my Lent quest is going…

Here are the rules I'm placing on myself. I will not seduce anyone to sleep with me. I will not sleep with anyone of the male Gender. Humans ONLY! And no one underage. Lent will began 00.00 Ash Wednesday and go till 23:00 of Palm Sunday that will be 40 days. February 21 till April 1.

I will also be playing it safe. I will not be forgetting my rain coat. Feedback is welcome.

Feb 21 till April 1
a.> Females Only
b.> Humans Only
c.> No Underage Girls

If anything else comes to mind I will update it.

Let the quest begin!

The Baron