When the whiskey well dries up.

There are times when we see the world through rose coloured glasses. Right now is not that time for me. I see the world through these distorted factual glasses . It sounds a lot cooler then it really is. Some say I'm jaded, but Jade is a shade of colour, and coloured glasses aren't a luxury I currently have. I wake up, and the world has this dull mundane stench. I lay there watching the so-called lady bugs walk around on my ceiling and wondering if that is going to be the most exciting part of my day.

This gray time of the year is terrible. It's cold, wet and muddy. If the cold, wet, and muddy only lasted a few days that would be perfectly fine. I love it when the weather changes up. Warm Cloudless sunny days are boring too, but at least I can see the varies colours in the grass, the trees and the flowers. Not this time of year, no sir, I get mud and gray. It's like always looking at the world through glass and a screen. It dulls down the wonderment and makes it just seem normal. I hate normal.

So my typical pointless day include cleaning, organizing and distracting myself from my duties by using this glowing noisy box we call a puter. Luckily it is connect to million and billion of libraries and some of my friends. A Point and a Click and there someone is there to entertain me for the few seconds I can stand them. How cool will it be when we can teleport our friends to our home via the net? I can't wait.

Heart still aching from long and what should be forgotten heart breaking, I sit and relive every emotional moment. The good the bad and all the overreacting I made. I'm one hard pill to swallow. I know that. I do Tarot card reading, read silly books distract my mellencollie mind with grand fantasies but it only masks the loneliness for a short while. Grr and Argh, and all that jazz. Why can't I just be happy with happy. Why do I let those evil mind warpers from my past interact with my present. Why do I answer the fucking phone calls, knowing that it will take me back years in my grieving process? Why are none of the pretty face with silly intro lines not good enough? WHY the fuck I'm I tell you this anyways.

In closing, if you believe that means I'm shutting up then sucker you don't know me one bit. My A.D.D. is just kicking in and I'm tired of writing. I could talk for days and days. Duh! SO, in closing I will be seeking out that whiskey well, and hoping there are at least a few drops left so, that tonight will be a party for one. Like most party are here in Flat Top. Remember kids

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