First Annual End of Times Hurrican Ball

You, yes, you are invited to the First Annual End of Time Hurricane Mystery Ball. Sponsored by Flat Top Journal Gazette Inquirer 2. (When news hits we sit and watch!)

Now, this name may confuse some of you out there that are not use to long complicated names. (Mostly aimed to those of you that live in Northern Ohio) So, you ask yourself, self when is this grand party of partys. Well, unless yourself can read mind, knows the future or have talked with me, you will only find out by reading further. So, I heard through the grapevine that you wanted to know when this party begins. You may start showing up 3 days before January 1 of 2006, Since the party is the night of December 31 2005 it would be silly to miss that.

How the hell do I find this place. I'm having this party on the lovely ground of Mavis Manor in Flat Top WV. Now, you could try to mapquest it but alias Mavis Manor is unplotable.(Mapquest wont work if you put in the address) you can call Mavis Manor info line at 304.787.3885 or visit the website for detailed directions. Don't get lost this place is really easy to find.

What to expect. Everything and Nothing. This is the First Annual which means everything goes. Expect to have a good time. Now, host it says it's a ball where there be dancing? Well, the dancing is up to you. If you are a fan or a lover of living room dancing then dance the nights away.

You may want to involve yourself in the century old Flat Top past time of sitting on the front porch. If you want to do this then you should wear warm cloths. Mavis Manor is more southern then Ohio, but all that means is it doesnt get to negative a million degrees with wind chill. It still gets to pretty damn cold. (Those are official temperatures, please check your local weather station if you disagree.)
See you there or something about square, whatever! Cheers!