Ok, I need to give a brief description. From time to time I have very strange dreams about, major events that could happen in the future. My dreams can be very powerful sometime. Here is this story!

There was a play, performance, or Basketball game, it was in the gym. The game/performance was over. I was chilling out in the lobby talking with some people. I parked in the back of the asphalt car park. It was cold outside, but not sure if it was winter. By the way everyone was dressing I’d say, sometime in spring. The time was around 5-7 sun was low but still visible. All of a sudden the sky had a greenish glow, and the sun had a black spot in it. I started talking with the lady I knew from there. Her friend said I was just flirting. I was trying to get her to look at the sun to see if she though it looked weird when I noticed other people looking at it and moving to their cars to get home quickly. I knew where a new broadcast was playing in the building so I went there. The lady followed me. I was sitting watching the news, she sat on my lap we were talking a little, and then on the news came a special report about strange weather, we looked out the window and noticed it was snowing, but a weird snow and very heavy. I grabbed her hand and ran to the lower level of the building. I told her she had a choice to stay here and live or try to make it home and I couldn’t promise that everything was going to be ok. So, we found this place kind must have been used for storage, it had different levels, we could hear the wind picking up, and the snow get a lot heavier. Before we lost power we went down and found a coffee machine, got some coffee and hot chocolate, and went back to our safe place. I had a radio, and the news people were talking about how the sun was pulsing. They were calling it the end of the world. But, I knew we were going to be safe, but was afraid what it was going to be like when we left.

--- I was at home watching something on the computer; something happened to the sun, I knew there was 8 mins so I called a few ppl I knew ---