Happy Hispanic White Rabbits Zombie Resurrection Day

:: Thousands of years from now cultural anthropologists will ponder about our culture: After the 'Great Reset of the 21st Century'. A culture that worships a multicolour egg laying Hispanic white rabbit, which was killed, three days later turned into a zombie and hopped back to life. The culture has a tradition of hiding multi coloured egged shaped broken pieces of plastics for the children to fight over as adults chant the mantra “He will not divide us”.

In honor of #WhiteRabbitsMatter, The culture also made candy versions of rabbits, in black, white, and spray on orange, in honor of the forgotten leaders. The ritual of the follower is to eat candy effigies, so they too can feel zombie like. 

 All of this is to forgive the past cultures that destroyed the world around them whom killed, polluted, cause earthquake, change the DNA of plants and plastic coated the world. It's tradition to exchange pepper spray, the tool used to capture the Bunny by the military police, whom take their direct orders from the Sky God, who just happens to be the White Rabbits father. 

 There is a part about Palm tree flavored peeps, but most of that is reported to be Fake News.
If you are a follower of the #WhiteRabbits, when you die, you will be saved in the cloud, which is a wonderful virtual reality.::

:: Happy Hispanic White Rabbits Zombie Resurrection Day ::