Thought of the Day - Moon Landing

Thought of the Day: Here is a question for the Moon Landing believers,

Personally I'm a skeptic, but not a denier. NASA had 6 man moon landing. Why haven't humans returned to the Moon? Is it purely based on there being no value in the lunar surface? I'm very interested in the Russian robotic base station planned for the Moon, (~2030)

-- Here is the reason I think we never went to the moon. The Cold War was in full swing, we needed to rally American behind a cause, something we could be proud of. We did shoot rockets into space, but the folks "may" not have walked on the moon. How could thousands of folks keep the secret. That's easy they didn't have to. 

NASA used the same game plan the Military did during the Manhattan Project, compartmentalized. Only a few folks knew the truth. This meant NASA Scientist also thought they went to the moon, which would give them inspiration to keep moving forward.

 -- The problem with our current societal structure is the Millennials believe everything their told, and the Baby Boomers are told not to question anything saying things like "settled science". The Gen Xer question everything, but then don't care enough about the answers to pass along what they learnt. Folks think what they know is FACT, when most things in this world are fluid, we discover a new type of science which can turn what we knew yesterday on it's head. Look at genetics. 

My point is we need to focus more on questioning everything, included what we've learned, look into the best available set of data points and always keep a opened minded because what we believe yesterday may not be true tomorrow.