Distraction from What?

It's all just a distraction, from what?

TPP, from a country that is crumbling in on itself with waste and debt, from ignorance, from fear.

-- I'm very happy and support marriage equality, but the truth be told, when everyone has to work two or three jobs to pay of loan debt, when the corporations are can now focus more on the almost slave labour country to prove US with more overprices, dangerous pieces of throwaway plastic whatchamacallit. Not only are we getting these cheaply made toxic items on the backs of the bruised, we then are throwing them away in the backyards of the poor. 

Then these object leach out their toxic spew into the water, the air, polluting the environment for the following generations. Generation that will be so deeply in debt that innovation will be stifled, hope will be lost and may revert to living in a virtual reality most of their waking lives. That is the future we are marching in lock step. 

Today after we bask in this victory of turning the hatred around, we take this event and must continue to take down the machine, and rebuild our world in a image of peace, knowledge and hope.