Kismet : 2015 Prediction and 2014 Recap

Kismet : 2015 Prediction and 2014 Recap
Here is my 2014 recap and my 2015 Prediction. 

My Score 2008-2014 Total = Correct (43) FAIL (35) Pending Review (07)

2014 Predictions / Goals  (6-6-1 /14)

World Predictions 2-0-1
a. Stock Market Crash (Major Drop) (Oct 14 then bounce backed)
b. 8+ Earthquake (1Apr14 Chile)
c. Something very Strange with the Weather (Many Days)

North American Predictions 1-1-x
a. Major Power Outage 2 Million 48+ hours (Turkey Day NE Snowstorm)
b. 5,000 Weather related date week. (x)
c. Major Hurricane (FAIL)

My Reality (Goals) 1-4
a. Buy a Canoe (Take 8) (FAIL)
b. Build a Cabin / House (FAIL)
c. Bee Hive (FAIL)
d. 2 New Friends YES!
e. See Northern Lights (FAIL)

My Reality (Predictions) 2-1
aDeath of a Friend x2
b. a Very Happy Day
c. without Power for total time 2+ weeks (FAIL)

2015 Predictions and Goals (0/20)

World Predictions
a. Coldest Temparture ever recorded
b. 8+ Major Earthquake and Tsunami x
c. 300,000 dead in very short time
d. a Major change in a world view
e. something about a Comet (undiscovered) x

North America Predictions
a. Major Crop Fail
b. Power Grid Failure
c. East Coast Cat 4+ Hurricane (

Hurricane Joaquin)

d. Derecho
e. Record Tornados

My Reality (Predictions)
a. Colder then -11F x
b. another Death of person close to x
c. less money issues

My Reality (Goals)
a. Buy a Canoe (Take 9) 
b. Build a Strawbale House
c. Bee Hive 
d. Start a new business
e. A new close friend x
f. visit 10 states x (VA,NC,PA,NY,VT,OH)
g. visit a place I've never been.