C(lie)mate : Agenda 21 : Your Future Starts Today

There are certain times when I really feel like I can change the world. This is NOT one of those moments. Agenda 21 if you haven’t heard about it or read about it. It’s certainly time you do. Here is the link http://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/content/documents/Agenda21.pdf.


This is a post about Agenda 21. If you’re going to quickly just call me a conspiracy theory and you haven’t done your reach on this subject please reframe from commending. We will begin with Sustainable Local Government. It sounds like a dream come true, that folks in the government stated to listen to the people, and then I read into the subject matter a little more. Retrofit, energy audits, upgrade, smart meters, developing end of life plans for public equipment. Yes, doesn’t sound bad. Then you get into the “Replacement” of outdated building. This means demolish of our history. As many time as I crunch number on project I’ve looked at Demolish a build is far from sustainable. So, I did what everyone should do and follow the money. Oh look we found banks wanting to offer low interest lows to replace building. A build which is total paid for, is standing, the blood, sweat, labour cost and resource cost already stored there in the walls, but the banks want to indebt us deep so push to destroy history.

This is how my eyes were opened to the debt plan of Agenda 21. Let’s begin with the push to make everything electric. Why gasoline, natural gas are both outdated fuel sources, electric is not the end all. Fuel Cells are pretty neat, old tech like Windmill, or Water mills not to create energy but to do a job, turn some gears. In the Climate Action Plan, why are we ignoring them? Maybe because their output is not meter able? What about wood? Wood is totally a renewable resource. – This would be the point where those of you whom maybe don’t know me well need to understand I don’t believe typical humans effect climate change. Unless you’re dropping a nuclear bomb, spraying chemicals from your airplane or something else total extreme, driving your SUV isn’t effect the climate one bit. (No you’re wasting money, and resources that could be use for better uses, cause air pollution and water pollution, but you are not making the planet any warmer, stormier, or snowier.) We are just in a natural cycle. C02 is needed for life. Plants need C02. The graft you might have seen with C02 and temperature increase, scare them out and look at them again, and you will see if C02 affected the temperature we’d be a lot hotter.  Here is an example I found.

http://nipccreport.org/articles/2013/may/21may2013a1.html .

As can be seen from the figure above, there is absolutely no rational relationship between the Holocene temperature history derived by Axford et al. and the air's COcontent. Over the first 1800 years of the record, for example, when the atmosphere's CO2 concentration rose by a sluggardly 10 ppm, Holocene temperatures rose, in the mean, by about 2.3°C. Then, over the following 2,400 years, when the air's CO2 content rose by about 20 ppm, mean summer air temperatures dropped by approximately 2.6°C. And over the next 1900 years, when the air's CO2 content rose by some 10 to 15 ppm, mean air temperature changed not at all. But over the final 300 or so years, when the atmospheric CO2 concentration rose by a whopping 125 ppm, summer air temperatures first declined by about 1.9°C and then rose by about 1.9°C, for essentially no net change. Clearly, the CO2 concentration of Earth's atmosphere would appear to have had no consistent impact on July air temperatures in the vicinity of North Lake, Greenland, over the past seven millennia..

Doesn’t just take one report go out and do your own research. There are tons of sites..

http://www.iloveco2.com/ is one of them.  Again, don’t just listen to the talking heads or me, do your own research and discover the data and really read into it. See what you think. Use that mind you were given..

But, now to the part that is hard for me. I support a lot of the ideas behind Agenda 21. I plant 500-1000 trees a year to help with reforestation, I reduce my electric bill by using LED lights, and I love how technology can be used to save, recycle and reduce. Then, I see the money hungry mindset behind the corporate greed. How they envision a way to enslave the masses. Which they pretty much already have with College Loans, Cell Phone plans, and New Better Junk..

The future is upon us. 3D printers are going to be common place in 10 years; Big Box Story models are DEAD. The 3D printers are going to put billions out of a job.  Automation is going to put millions out of a job. Easy of tech is going to put millions out of a job. The jobs of the future will be growing, fixing, educating, problem solving, discovering, and creating. While this future sounds super exciting to me, it also sounds very scary if the corporations still have the 20th century growth model.  You will do what you want to do in the future, jobs will be more fulfilling, rewarding and community based (for the most part). Slave labour will be almost nil. That is if we stop buying into the Hero worship of corporate greed..

Baby Boomer will never get it and Millennial trust way to much in the system. That leaves Gen X and the Digital Natives (2001-Now). We have to shape this future so we are not slaves to Corporate Green Governance..

You do not need a local, state or federal government to tell you how to live your life, what appliances to buy, what to use as your fuel source, and what plants you can eat. We are smart enough. (Plus the big corporation won’t follow whatever rules are in place anyway. See Fraking and the Clean Water Act) it’s time to stop living in American Idle land. Educate you’re selves on the government stance, ask the hard questions, boycott the greedy corporation, reduce or create your own power supply, grow your own food, help those around you will your kindness, time, and education. We can fix the problems in the world without the governments help. The world doesn’t need large corporations. Mom and Pop or medium sized business can supply everything the world needs. We can make a difference, just please stop blindly supporting issues, politicians or causes until you fully understand them, and when you do force them to change the negative aspect.

12Mar14 -Dr FF