Myr - Rainy Day Manifesto

Rainy Day Manifesto: Today is one of those days, I guess I should recap. Where to begin. I'm an American Restorationist, which means I want to return our country to the values that made it great. I'm Pro Gun, Pro Choice, Pro Immigration, I don't shop at WalMart, avoid buying anything made by Monstanto, understand that Fluoride a poison and try to avoid it at all costs. Left the Christian faith, compassionate towards your faith, thee it be Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Shinto, Wicca, etc. I don't trust the government, and I'm fearful of those whom do, but I also understand WE are the government. I no longer use my SS# because I'm not just a number. I study Conspiracy Theories, wear a hardwired headphone on my cell phone, do not have a TV/Computer in my bedroom, avoid MSG, BPA and the IRS. I may be part of the Illuminati because the game is rather intriguing. I eat dandelion, clovers, and just about anything else I find growing. I don't WANT to make the world a better place I'M making the world a better place! My goal is the age 122, I miss the 1990s and I need another cup of coffee.