Chukz - Chicken Tractors - Beginners "A Frame

With Spring just around the corner, I though we should start talking about chickens. I want to begin with some very simple plans for building chicken tractors.

 What is a chicken tractor? a movable chicken enclosure to allow the chicken to do their natural chicken activities, scratch, dirt bath, solar panel ( where they lay on their side spread out a wing, and absorb the sun's rays ).  What's great about chicken tractors is how you can use them to mow your lawn. It might take a month, but chicken are awesome at chewing down grass. Here is a great basic plan to begin with.
 One square (10 by 10 feet) of weather boarding Frame for chicken coop and run (above).
 6 inches wide, for covering in the coop.
 44 feet of 4 by 1, for base and ridge.
 56 feet of 3 by 1, for eight rafters.
 28 feet of 3 by 1-1/2, for four rafters.
 50 feet of 2 by 1-1/2, for door frames and doors.
 6 feet of 2 by 2, for tie T.
 45 feet of 2-foot hardware cloth.
 Two pairs of hinges; two locks; staples, etc.
 We designed a few different styles, I will include them on the next few blogs!


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