Kismet - 2013 Predictions / Goals

    This is my yearly prediction/goal list. I’ve been creating a list of sorts since 2005, but only posting them online since 2008. This is my 5th year of posting them online. I welcome any comments. If you see I updated a prediction wrong let me know. I prefer to be correct on my predictions. I always recap last year’s list in the current years Kismet list.

13 for 2013

World Predictions
8+ Earthquake
Collapse of a Known Country
Major Solar Flare (Damage)
New Pope
Major Discovery


North American Predictions
2+ Million without power
Major Hurricane (Lots of Damage)
A Super Happy Day

My Reality (Goals)
Buy a Canoe (Take 7)
Alternative Power Supply
Large Garden
Working Car (6+ months)
A Bee Hive


My Score 2008-2012 Total = 31-23-05

The 13 Predictions of 2012 (Review) (5-7)
World Predictions (2-2)
1.     EMP used FAIL
2.     X-Class Solar Flare hits Earth X5 3/6/12
3.     Hottest Temp Record Hottest year on Record
4.     12.21.12 @11.11 will be a Man made Event FAIL

North American Predictions (2-1)
1.     Death of an Occupier FAIL
2.     Military on Street Weird training + Tanks on streets in St. Louis
3.     East Coast Earthquake 6+ 8.Nov 6.3 Vancouver 6.4 14.Dec Baja California

My Reality (Goals) (1-4)
1.     Buy a Canoe (Take 6) FAIL
2.     Visit more than 13 states FAIL (WV,VA,NC,SC,GA,FL,OH)
3.     2+ New Friends Updating Soon
4.     30% @ Mavis Manor FAIL
5.     Use less kW then 2011 (25431 kW) REVIEWING
a.     Create 25% of 2012 usage.
6.     Classic Car FAIL