KYR - Mystery Booms

I’ve been following the Clintonville Booms. I’m very anti-fraking so I was guessing they were related to that. After finally hearing the noises on youtube, 

I was shocked. I hear those same sounding booms here in Southern WV at least 2-5 times a week. 

The booms started in May of last year. I asked around back then, and was told it was coal mining, maybe blowing shit up. As the summer progressed I started hearing more and more of them, which would upset my chickens. Upset chicken make loud noise (50+ makes very loud noises). So I started to research the coal mines in my area. There aren’t any that have use explosive last summer within 50+ miles of me. Then I began to think about that Earthquake in Virginia, also shock where I live and creaked a few of my walls. Something is happening underground. 

SOMETHING bad! Either we took all the oil out of the engine, and it’s running rough now, or the fraking created new pockets for high pressure stream to build up, either way we messed something up. 

I expect a major North American Earth Quake soon! Next 9 months.