Myr - a Need 4 Understanding: Chardon, Ohio School Shooting

Ok, School Shooting are horrible, tragic events. But the shooter is also a victim here. Either lack of parenting, how horrible the social world is in high school, how TV/Movie/Video Game glorify violence,  when event like this happen we need to take a look back on ourselves and see why out youths are acting out.

Child Violence is OUR societies fault.

Take a look at yourself in the mirror, do you promote hatred, by condemning another lifestyle, by demonizing another faith, by yelling "asshole" and flipping the bird to the guy that cut you off, while your children sit in the back seat and observe/worship your every move? Our actions of an Eye of an Eye, truly only makes everyone blind.

We are angry, I understand I'm angry too. The 90s are over. The banks screwed up, we let the government ship out good paying jobs, we can't buy the toys we once had. This angry is visible often in the faces of the normal folks. So, when you feel that wave of angry coming over you, remember that the youths around you are looking up to you as their role model. I want my world to improve as I get old, I want the youths to understand that angry is ok, but hatred is dangerous. We can work through the hardships. We can ignore the name calling. We all still achieve greatness. And none of this requires being a multibillionare.

Peace, Love and Understanding of what we fear is truly the path toward Hope and a better society.