Baron 4 Mayor

What sir/ madam, makes you believe that you have not only the knowledge and experience , but the right to have control over a portion of my life?

First off, I’m not elected to have control over “your life” If I were elected it’s to be your, and everyone’s else’s voice in the greater platform. My experience is uniquely mine, the same way, your experiences are uniquely yours. We all have strengths and weaknesses. That is why we build a team, not just one person making all the choices. It’s also your job to let me know when I’m not using your voice. We do all make mistakes, and verbal communication has it’s faults. Knowledge I have has brought me to this point, and I’m always learning, knowledge is power, and power is ever changing so knowledge should be ever building. I also have your voice, and which your points, I gain wisdom and knowledge.

 My job isn’t to control you, if there is a law, or rule it was meant to protect you, again if you feel this law is restrictive, you should speak up, and together we need to work on changing this rule/law. Sometime we need a single talking head, a single voice so the chaos of millions of voices isn’t undermining the path forward. This single voice must have million of ears, must listen to your story, his story, and the guy down the streets story. Find the common thread and build from there. If you read the works of the founding father, the plan wasn’t to control the citizens, but to lead them to greatness. For far to long this has been lost, due to corp. greed.

 This can change today! Let my voice be your voice!