Dream : The Great War

The dream

It was a summer month, July or August. The President was going to be on TV to give an address about some event that happened. It was one of those addresses that will be on every channel.

I believe the President was still Obama, but not a 100%. President, got on TV and told about bring home our entire trip starting tomorrow, a completely leaving Iraq, and Afghanistan. Then, added there was going be a larger purpose for them, and there were the time that makes American strong. When we should the world we were a beacon for freedom, and strength.

After his speech, the talking heads on TV started talking about us getting into “The Great War”. That bring the troops home was just because they were needed here, more than overseas. People around me were scared, I was a little afraid. Someone came up to me, and said “United State Government just declared war on us, the people of the United States”. I didn’t know what to think, but the sky has been more filled with Air Force planes, then I had remembered in the past. The news then switch to some flood coverage.