Farm Almanac Area Zone 1 Apr - May 2010

April 2010
1st-3rd. Fair, unseasonably warm.
4th-7th. Showers/thunderstorms New York, New England, then fair.
8th-11th. Showers spread in from the west.
12th-15th. Fair.
16th-19th. Thunderstorms with some heavy rains, turning fair, pleasant.
20th-23rd. Pleasant, fair Patriots� Day Boston Marathon.
24th-27th. Rainy from Maine to Virginia, heavy wet snow over higher terrains, then fair.
28th-30th. Turning stormy.

May 2010
1st-3rd. Thunderstorms end. Unseasonably chilly, very windy.
4th-7th. Warm to hot, then showery.
8th-11th. Fair.
12th-15th. Squally weather moves in. Possible clearing or Preakness at Pimlico.
16th-19th. Clearing.
20th-23rd. Rain showers move in, then fair.
24th-27th. Pleasant, then very breezy, showers.
28th-31st. Thunderstorms, then turning fair. Weather improves for the holiday.