a second a day is quite a bit when you think about it, thats 1 min every 2 months, and 1 hour every 120 months ( 10 years ) this is the second time it's happened in the last 10 years (Tsunami Earthquake of 2004/5) which also changed the its spin by about a 1.5 sec. So if we do the math now, by 2020, we have all lost 2.5 hours of our clock time, someone born in 2004 in a lifetime without anymore major earthquakes would have lost 32 hours, Born 16 Sept 2004, live to 80, they are going to be 32 hours younger then someone born 16 Sept 1904. 80(years of age)x12(months in year)= 960 (months in 80 years)

960 (months in 80 years) / 60/2 (minutes in a hour divided by 2 earth quakes) = 32 (number of hours)