10 for 10, plus the Predictions

Justyn’s 10 for 2010
1. Send a message in a bottle
2. Visit a location I have never been to before
3. Get out of debt (only a little more to go)
4. Make 3 new friends
5. Sell Carbon credits
6. Publish a book
7. Live Healthier
8. Start Crappy Rainbows LLC
9. Buy a Canoe (Finally)
10. Old Skool 4x4 Vehicle (like an old Mercedes G-Class)

Predictions 2010: I will have a new car, horrible hurricane

Last Years Recap

Time for -9-

1.> Live Simple
2.> Slow Down
3.> Create a Flexible Structure
4.> Learn a useful Skill
5.> Get out of Debt

a. Live Simple this mean be unplug from the world more often. I need to stop using the Internet for everything. This mainly includes most of my entertainment. The internet is a great tool. It should be used for the tool it provides, Commutations, Education, but I need to relearn to entertain myself better.
-I went a little over a month with very limited internet access. I traveled the west coast, and enjoyed being unplugged.

b. Slow Down sometime I think I’m living life to quickly. I just need to not be in a hurry to get everything now. Look at a project and think of all the angle. Stop count to ten, and then start again.
- I think I hit this one on the mark, started out early in the year, then during my west coast trip, I slowed down a lot, I continued this thru the rest of the year. It’s so nice being slower.

c. Creative a Flexible Structure, we all knows I don’t really like structure, but I do think it could help me a lot. So, if I make a flexible structure, then I will have a frame work to plan around in, I can always hang the picture weirdly or where I want it.
- coming soon

d. Learn a useful Skill, this would be like canning, shine making, wood curving etc.
- I didn’t learn a new skill, but I did learn I can meet people with skills and learn from them.

e. Out of Debt, the goal is by 2010 to be completely out of Debt! I did great in 2008, so 2009 I should be able to achieve this.
- A lot closer, but still a little bit of debt. Party of it because I got to travel, but I’m going to try super hard to be out of debt by 2010.

2009 Predictions
I will visit the Ocean, I will travel out of the Country, From 7 to 2, Summertime new State, Depression 2009 (late summer early fall)

Visited Atlantic, and Pacific! I went to British Columbia in Canada. 7 to 2 = ???. I visited 18 states this year. 1.WV 2.OH 3.MI 4.VA 5.NC 6.SC 7.GA 8.CA 9.OR 10.WA 11.AK 12.MD 13.PA 14.NY 15.VT 16.MA 17.CT 18.NJ 19.CO*