Satori - In the Mind of My Soul

In the Mind of My Soul (29.Mar.9)

Achieving the simple life is a lot harder then I once thought. I have no rock star dreams, my dreams of fame and riches are not for money and power, but too truly make a different on this spinning rock we cohabitate for a short time on. You’d think that when you have the greener grass, when you’re living on the right side of the tracks things are grand. I’m thankful for my dreams being achieved, for having the ability to fall in love, for smell the fresh air. I’m also alone. This is my price, the trade off. I can sit here in my grand house, looking over my small town and dream a great schema about being the Baron of Flat Top, and one day having the lands for my kingdom. The reality is I clean, cook, and work on my chorus just to keep my mind off my loneliness. Meet me on the street, and I will mesmerize you with tales of my life adventures, the history I have rediscovered, and may even expand your present plans of existence. Then, I return to my ivory tower waiting for the 8bit chime, the digital words of a love lost miles away, unable to reside in my kingdom.

Grounded, trying to keep both feet squarely planned in reality. Alas, this is my reality and you are merely a guest. I’m a dreamer, not just for my own preservation, but for the preservation of our future, to retool the world with smiles. Laughter is a great medicine, joy can heal, love is more powerful then the chemical bonds that hold the solar system in place.

Being idle, unable to make a difference destroys me a little each day. Her youthfulness recharges me, this person whom has been with me, helping me explore this corner of my rock, this angelic old soul who understood me from day one. This lover who seems to be lost inside her own head. How do I precede? First, I atempt the straight forward approach, this coming from a passionate being as myself can be way to over simulating. Second, I atempt to scale back, to dance on the fringes, but this I fear will allow her to burrow deeper into the mind. How do I find that spark that is being carried deeper and deeper into the dark cave? Does this cave have a second entrance which I can’t see, and patients are all I need to have?

If I want to save the world, why can’t I currently save myself, save the love of my life, save the future? I’m not seeing the entire picture, does this book have another chapter yet written? The author speaks of more enticing stories, but when I’m also locked in this ivory tower where do I go from here?

My love is strong, it will endure any storm approaching, my faith is solid. I believe our destiny is our epic story we will tell and retell many years in the future. We will change the world together, one small step at a time, and we will be heroes, if just for one day.

When I say forever, I will love you, forever not being the length of time our minds stay intact, not being until these biological machines fall into disrepair, not even being after the total destruction of the solar system, forever being the energy of love, that flows freely through the ether of being, to be felt by everyone, in that moment when you see a new kittens, in that moment when joy racing across a young child’s face, the moment when two elderly lover know that together they will share this last breathe, my love for you will be there.

When the days are dark, and you seek a hand to help lead you on our path, ask I will be there, when together we fear the unknown, know I will face it with you.

When life pitches curve balls, I will be there to dodge with you, when the world attacks; I will be there to shelter you with my very being to take the bullet for you. This so you may carry on. This is my love for you. This is how we save the world, this is how our Epic Love story begins, and this is just the beginning; I love you, Till I see you again, I hold my breathe….
(Dr FF)