Kismet - ’8 recap & 2009 List!

Category: Life
Before I write down my plan of action for 2009, let's review last years first.

4 the '8s

1.> Be more Prepared!
2.> Enjoy more simply things
3.> See my friends at least once a month
4.> Began my plans on my newest B&B idea
5.> Journal at least once a week!
6.> Get out of debt

a. How to be more prepared. My goals are as followed. I will address the parts of my life that need more attention. I will find the holes in them, and fill then with a plan and scheme to make any problems easier to cope with.
- I did well at the planning stage. My 2008 problems were all solved but 2008 was a very problemic year. I plan to continue this into 2009.

b. How to enjoy more simply thing. First and foremost I need to take myself away from the high tech and pointless things that surround me. Here are the rulez. If something isn't making my MIND, BODY, SOUL, WORK LIFE, SOCIAL LIFE, or SAFETY any better then it need to go. I'm sick and tired of shit owning me! I want to be free and open to experience life in its grandest.
- Ok, so I was doing pretty good at this, then I feel off the train, but with a little improvement I can make this a good thing to have in 2009.

c. How to visit with friends more often? I will make plans to visit them, or have them visit me. When this isn't possible I will communicate with them at least 4 times a month to catch up, on how their life is going, and stay involved.
- I didn't visit as much as I wanted to, but I did communicate. I will count this as an achieved goal for 2008!

d. Planning for B&B ii. If it took me 4 years to plan Mavis Manor, I will need to begin at least a journal about my next future adventure in 2010 or 2011.
- 2008 was a lot of future idea, but I didn't journal them which was a huge mistake; I will not make that mistake in 2009.

e. How to journal. With the web being so easy to journal on I will be added a enter at least once a week with just a general recap of life, and how things are progressing. Weather, or other relative events may play a role too. I may leave the myspace format to a format I control. If that happened I will let all you nosy ppl know.
-Completely failed in this area. I will do a lot better this year. I may even regroup some 2008 and see if I can fill in the gaps.

f. This is one of the hardest. I will do my best to get out of debt. My goal is to be 99% out. Own almost ZERO!!! This will take a lot of hard work, and intent shopping! I will achieve it thought!!!
- I went from 30k to 8k, so I'm well on my way. Regoaling this one. Out of debt by 2010.

Predictions for 2008
Three new friends; See two new places; framing business; reconnect with long lost friends; discover something new about myself; terrible hurricane on east coast;

I did make three new good friends,
Jim Gum Neighbor
Crystal Bowling Post Master
Ginny Denton Girlfriend

Two New Places
Winston-Salem, NC
Ann Arbor, MI

Framing Business
It did come true

Reconnect with long lost friends
I did a lot on Facebook

Discover something new about myself
I discovered it's more important to know in life what you don't want, then what you want.

Hurricane on East Coast, it never happened.
Last year was an Emotional Stormy year for me though.


1.> Live Simple
2.> Slow Down
3.> Create a Flexible Structure
4.> Learn a useful Skill
5.> Get out of Debt

a. Live Simple this mean be unplug from the world more often. I need to stop using the Internet for everything. This mainly includes most of my entertainment. The internet is a great tool. It should be used for the tool it provides, Commutations, Education, but I need to relearn to entertain myself better.

b. Slow Down sometime I think I'm living life to quickly. I just need to not be in a hurry to get everything now. Look at a project and think of all the angle. Stop count to ten, and then start again.

c. Creative a Flexible Structure, we all knows I don't really like structure, but I do think it could help me a lot. So, if I make a flexible structure, then I will have a frame work to plan around in, I can always hang the picture weirdly or where I want it.

d. Learn a useful Skill, this would be like canning, shine making, wood curving etc.
e. Out of Debt, the goal is by 2010 to be completely out of Debt! I did great in 2008, so 2009 I should be able to achieve this.

2009 Predictions
I will visit the Ocean, I will travel out of the Country, From 7 to 2, Summertime new State, Depression 2009 (late summer early fall)

I may add more to this, but this is the main 2009 goals.