Hiking @ Brush Creek

Hiking @ Brush Creek

A little off the beaten trail, pretty much only known to the locals, is a little wildlife area called Brush Creek. The Nature Conservancy maintains most of this lovely little park.

Here is the official stuff.
“The Falls of Brush Creek drop 25 feet over a sandstone ledge near the mouth of the stream's deep gorge of Brush Creek at Bluestone River. These "block" falls have been a popular local beauty spot since European settlement, though natives most likely frequented the falls for the same reason. The West Virginia Nature Conservancy, in cooperation with Pipestem Resort State Park, maintains a natural area at the falls. A rough trail leads from a picnic shelter to a ledge from which the cascade may be observed.”

If you like Mountain Laurel and cool outcrops of rocks, then this is the place for you. I always joke with friends that in the summer this is a prime spot to observe “redneck” courting practices. This is also a suspected breeding grounds too. Personally this has not been observed. LOL. During the day though, this is quite a nice park to hang out in.

I love going down to the river, and checking out all the cool crawfish and little fish you can find in the water. My friends and I like to do lots of off-path exploration. This trip we found some really cool plants and fungi.

If you want to see something off the beaten path this would be the place I’d adventure to.

The Baron rates this park a 4 out of 5, only because location isn't the easiest to get to.

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