Satori - Love Meter

Sagittarius on 7th house cusp

You are bright, verbal, curious and always seem to be restlessly seeking new experiences. Your pleasant, breezy manner does not reveal your private insecurity and inner anxiety about being the type who will try everything and wind up with nothing lasting.

You are strongly attracted to those who seem philosophically at peace with themselves and your relationships usually begin with long, serious discussions about life. The familiar may seem dull to you and you often connect with those of different cultures.

You are so interested in learning and sharing new ideas and experiences that you are irresistibly drawn to those who seem to have a broader philosophical perspective, with whom you can share ideas and put them together into a fresh, meaningful context.

Your partners are well-educated, well-traveled and are drawn to the law, education, philosophy, religion, publishing or some area where they will have the opportunity to disseminate their ideas. They sometimes tend to resist marriage or committed bonds.

Jupiter, Ruler of 7th house, is in 4th:

Even if you don't always seem sentimental, you have warm memories of your childhood home and family. Especially your father. In those days you were given the space -- physically and emotionally -- to be and to become. In your adult relationships, you unconsciously try to reproduce that sense of home where the family was close without being smothering. You often draw people who are philosophically resistant to the idea of monogamy which results from stated rules. They feel a relationship is more honest if commitment is voluntary. You may go along with that but you are privately a little uncomfortable with it since you like to feel more secure. Ultimately, however, you find that your relationships work better with fewer restrictions and, in the end, the relationships that work are monogamous anyway.

Your partners usually like to travel and often need to do so for professional reasons. But the happiest times together are usually at home. As busy as each of you are with work and other matters, you nest well together. Actually, your individual lives are sufficiently interesting and varies that, if you live together, your home would be spacious and filled with fascinating mementos acquired during various experiences and journeys.

Neptune in 7th

Your highest ideals are tested through your relationships. Your partners are either extraordinarily talented, spiritually evolved and sensitive or they are dissolute, escapist and irresponsible. Either way, you are required to make some sort of sacrifice.

One reason you may be so obsessive about your relationships is it's the one area of your life that isn't motivated by practical considerations. Even the negative ties help you to connect with the more spiritual side of yourself. You idealize your partners.

Jupiter Opposition MC with an orb of less than 1/2 degree

When you were little, your teachers liked you and when you grew up, your employers liked you. You tend to approach all relationships both personal and professional with an easy assurance. It is important to you that close ties enjoy society's approval.

Mercury Conjunct Venus with an orb between 1 and 3 degrees

Intelligence is sexy to you. If a person you find physically attractive isn't also bright, verbal and someone you can talk to, you're not interested. You have a highly developed aesthetic sense and are drawn to people of taste, wit and charm.

Mercury Conjunct Uranus with an orb between 3 and 5 degrees

Brilliant and original as you are, you can also be difficult and unpredictable. Close ties may complain they never know when you are going to show up or what you're planning next. You are easily bored and love people who can both stimulate and surprise you.

Venus Conjunct Mars with an orb between 3 and 5 degrees

Yours was not a happy childhood and, while there is nothing you want more than a close love relationship, you may also fear it. You probably have an active sex life but may have some discomfort acknowledging feelings of love, dependence or vulnerability.

Sun Square Jupiter with an orb between 3 and 5 degrees

Sometimes you suffer from an excess of enthusiasm and plunge into relationships and projects without seriously considering beforehand the viability of the situation. You are kind, honest and good-humored. Sometimes you're also a show-off or a know-it-all.

Moon Square Asc. with an orb between 3 and 5 degrees

You often feel emotionally misunderstood. You may have learned as a child to hide your true feelings in order to accommodate those around you. As an adult, your outer manner often belies your inner responses more than you may consciously realize or intend.

Sun Sextile Moon with an orb between 1 and 5 degrees

Whether or not your parents themselves had a successful marriage, you came away with a clear sense of the masculine and feminine and how they integrate. You are comfortable with the opposite sex and have no problem forming healthy, enduring relationships.

Sun SemiSquare Neptune with an orb between 1 and 2 degrees

Your father was either over- idealized or he was rejected as a role model. Either way, your concept of what a man should be is not based upon a mortal person, but upon an ideal. This may lead to unrealistic expectations in close personal relationships.

Sun Quincunx Asc. with an orb between 1 and 3 degrees

People do not receive an accurate first impression of you. Owing to shyness or lack of confidence, you have cultivated a persona which is not expressive of the person you experience yourself to be. This creates complications in personal relationships.

Moon Quincunx MC with an orb between 1 and 3 degrees

You are forever embroiled in controversy with people in positions of authority which, at times, may attract public attention. You want and need approval more than you care to admit to yourself, but it must be on your terms and not entail any compromise.

Venus Quintile Saturn with an orb between 1 and 3 degrees

While you may not be emotionally demonstrative or sentimental, you love deeply, lastingly and loyally. You may be strongly drawn to people either much older or much younger than you are. Love, for you, has always entailed an enormous amount of responsibility.

Moon Conjunct Saturn with an orb between 5 and 8 degrees

You don't have as much self-confidence as you appear to have. You long for love and affection but have never felt, since childhood, that you could have it, simply by being. You feel you have to earn it in some way. You like close ties to need and depend on you.

Mercury Conjunct Mars with an orb between 5 and 8 degrees

Since you tend to be rather irritable and sharp-tongued at times you require a partner with a sense of humor who is not too thin-skinned. You are bright, curious and restless and enjoy the company of those who are equally high-spirited and enterprising.

Venus Conjunct Uranus with an orb between 5 and 8 degrees

You need to be close and you need to be free. This is a major life conflict which has always created complications for you in close personal relationships. One manifestation of this may be a tendency to pursue the unavailable or the unreliable.

Mars Opposition Asc. with an orb between 5 and 8 degrees

You have a tremendous amount of energy and, in a relationship, are happiest when you and your partner are actively participating in something together. You tend to be quite competitive and can even be somewhat combative. You should always avoid the timid.

Moon does not aspect Mercury

It's as if the emotional and rational sides of your nature take turns expressing themselves. You are either utterly detached and objective about a situation or so emotionally involved you have no perspective. You are not in touch with your feelings.