Tiger (I'll see you in another life... when we are both cats.)

Another 2006 Somber Blog

I got the phone call yesterday. My childhood pet, a cat i found when I was very young. I may have been in 1st grade or so. Died yesterday. Dont get me wrong a 23 year run on a cat is crazy. He more then used up his 9 lives. I believe we may have doubled or tripled his cat lives. When we found him, he was pretty much almost dead. my mom pretty much brought him back to life. She gave him mouth to mouth, and even raised his body temputure by placing him in the oven at a very low tempature. He was a city cat, who got to move to the suburbs. In his hay day, he was a hell of a mouser. He could catch just about anything. We always joked around that if he was bigger he'd catch a deer. The last few years of his life were tough. He lost a eye. He was a one eyed kitty. There is just so so much I could write about. What a run. What a run. May his next journey to this rock be a great one. Thanks for the life time of memories. to quote vanilla sky
"I'll see you in another life... when we are both cats."