What I’m looking for?

What I'm looking for?
Let me begin with this statement. I may not be looking for a girlfriends, a lover, a bestfriend, a close friend, or even an enemy. If I know you right now, then please feel confident in yourself. I like you just the way you are. If I wasnt happy with you being you, ah I wouldnt be talking to you. End of Statement.

I'm looking for someone who is real. That know what it is like to live in the moment, plan for the future, enjoy the memories of the past and get all blended together like a damn fine mixed drink. The top shelf kind. I want someone who is happy in their skin. Someone who feel immortal, but understands dying is an important part of the life cycle. Young at heart, but willing to learn the knowledge of the wise. Smiles, laughs, and gets pissed at me when I say something totally out of line. A drinking buddy, even if they only drink water. Someone who hates things I love, but loves that we are so different. Someone who is flaunt in Justyn, understand me even when my English is so bad that we must talk in ASL to understand each other. Wishes on stars, dances in the rain, and maybe a girl who can write her name in the snow. I want hope, joy, love, destruction, sadness, melancholy, and even anger. Someone that understand why I'm late, my hatred of time, what I was really doing when I said I left something on the stove. A traveler, a knowledge seeker, venturous, vehement, someone who cries at sad moment, cries at happy movies, and may just start crying for no fucking good reason at all. But, all and all I just want them to be real. Nothing fake, if your neck is red, if you're a trendy 09er, lonely wallflower, or some Swedish royalty just be you