Dreaming a glimpse of your Parallel worlds

Cool Kyds, Strange Dreams in Flat Top!

*Have you ever woken from a dream, and you feel disconnected to this world? Some put this off as being tried. But, why dont it happen every time? Ever have those dreams where you life would have taken a different path where it would lead? If you have I'd describe those experiences as maybe a form of time travel. I'd say it's more like sliding. Jumping to a different world that you are closely connected too.*

Let me give you some personal experiences. I've had dreams of a friend (Karen) I havent seen it... well almost 10 years. After Karen got married we dropped out of contact. {pause}

* I believe also that you must have a strong connection with another person to see how your life would have interacted with theirs. That's how you can see the parallel world. You connects gives you the in. *
I knew her since, well almost birth. We had a very strong connections. By connection I mean if I was thinking about her she would call. I'd start to walk to her house, she'd meet me. There was no way possible she could know I was walking toward her house. There are more, but I felt a strong connection. If you lucky when you dream and enter parallel world your connection with another person will direct you to this new parallel world. Ok, so many of you might think this sounds completely crazy! Sometime when I think about it I think so too. But. when I wake up like I did this morning... I can't explain it. I was in a parallel world for who know how long. I'm 100% possitive.It's very neat experience. I'd sobering sometimes. It's also sad sometimes. ...
Last night was a very weird one again. I met her again at her home. I was picking her up, we were going out to see friends. She was back from college I kissed her hi. We ran all around, went and visited this guy with a fast car who lived in the dorms of one of the local colleges. His name started with M, my guess was Mike. Mike was a nice but also a lot weird. Karen was dating him. Mike's roommate was some girl who was into "TV dance moves". something happened and we started to play fight with all these padded weapons. Roommate girl noticed that tention between all of us, and told us to fight over Karen. I told her It was a silly idea. We play fighted for a little longer, then I went to the room with the computer started to check email... Karen came in, asked what was wrong, I told her I just missed her a lot. I wish we still talked....... and I woke up!!
* Maybe, just maybe there is a chance out connection still works after 10 years. hopefully.
-= Dr FF =-